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History of Pneumatics

The pneumatic branch of engineering has long been used to create key machinery components that grow the functionality of various systems. In essence, pneumatics is the science of making an object move or work through the use of compressed gasses – a science that has developed greatly over the centuries to become one of the leading systems in use through various industrial sectors. While the association with pneumatics is that of complex machinery, pneumatics has actually been in use – through one form or another – for thousands of years.

Early Years

The first instances of recorded pneumatic use were during the Bronze Age where mechanical bellows were used to further heat furnaces in order to make them more suitable for smelting metals. At this point, these systems were completely different to what you might see in use today, but you could see the early indications of how useful this technology could be when developed and integrated within more advanced systems.

Further to this point, pneumatics would remain in use for hundreds of years before seeing any major developments.

The 1800s

The compound air compressor proved to be an invention that greatly increased the potential scope of pneumatics with many realising just how useful this technology could be. Patented in 1829, the compound air compressor led to the creation of a Pneumatic subway in 1867 which – while garnering a great deal of attention – was terminated after only several months in use, as well as pneumatic tubes used in post offices to transport letters between departments which was a far more affordable and long-lived use of the technology.

With the late 1800s, pneumatic tools started arriving on the market with the invention of the pneumatic drill in 1871, and the pneumatic hammer in 1890. By giving pneumatics an easily transportable form, their value really started to shine within industries that may not have been using them previously.

The Modern Day

The 1900s brought with them great advances in the form of pneumatics with integration into automatic machinery and tools making it a great way to save on labour costs while keeping workers away from some of the more dangerous, high-powered machinery.

Performance and functionality are key within modern day pneumatic components with many manufacturers constantly honing their systems to make them more practical within their industrial uses. In the modern day, you’re likely to see pneumatics in use across a whole range of industries, and are likely to not even be aware when using an offshoot of this import piece of engineering genius.

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