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Industries Making Use of Hydraulic Systems

An innovative form of engineering that can greatly improve on the functionality of various mechanical systems, hydraulics has quickly become a feature within various industries. The versatility of the components that utilise hydraulics make it a practical solution and one in use throughout pretty much every aspect of our lives.


One of the industries for which hydraulics was originally designed, hydraulic systems are very much common place within construction. A lot of modern construction machinery uses hydraulics to carry out major tasks that would otherwise require dozens of people to carry out – the kind of work that might take decades can quickly be shortened to only a couple of years. It’s fair to say that hydraulics has truly been a revelation for when it comes to construction especially with larger buildings or ones requiring heavier material.

Theme Parks and Entertainment

When it comes to the entertainment industry, hydraulics is frequently in use for attractions and theme parks. Hydraulics offers the means to safely control a fast-moving cart to ensure visitors can enjoy the adrenaline-fuelled charm that they offer in complete safety.

Hydraulics are also frequently in use through television and film where they help to create all kinds of special effects such as cars flipping.


The most well-known example of hydraulics systems and one used by countless of people daily is that of vehicles and the automotive industry. A regular car makes use of a hydraulic system across its braking, steering, transmission, cooling and safety systems. Of course, hydraulic systems are also commonly used during the automotive construction process with robotic arms making use of this engineering practice to bend and weld metals into place to shape the bodywork.

Gas and Mining

Many mineral and oil deposits can be challenging to reach and extract by regular means. In instances like this, hydraulics powered equipment is commonly used to extract these safely without the need for manual workers; this is also far more time efficient and can generate greater amounts of raw material.


Historically, it took scores of people to properly maintain a patch of land and maintain a stable yield of crops. Combined with other modern farming techniques, hydraulics can greatly simplify this process by automating much of the manual work and covering greater amounts of land.

Waste Management

The amount of waste produced across the world is a major issue not only for the damage it’s causing to the environment, but also how much storage space it can take up – destroying fertile land and forcing locals to look elsewhere for home and work. Hydraulics is primarily used within rubbish trucks and facilities to compress large amounts of garbage into much smaller and easier to manage packages.

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